This is the tenth volume in the series INDIA'S FOREIGN RELATIONS published annually in cooperation with the Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Foreign policy of a country today plays out in the vast arena of global politics. Foreign relations are no longer just an instrument for interaction at diplomatic level but are now a means for procuring sinews for development and progress in trade and commerce, science and technology, education and agriculture and various other fields like energy, climate change, etc. Foreign policy is influenced by the domestic politics of a country, level of economic development, progress in science and technology and ability to compete in promoting trade and investment. In short foreign policy is the product and interplay of multiple forces impinging on and promoting the country's national interest.

The seven hundred and ninety-nine documents reproduced here are intended to make it easier for others to understand and assess India's initiatives in various fields of bilateral, regional and multilateral relations and possible reactions to developments in a given situation.

Avtar Singh Bhasin